Renting Pekkaniska platform

Our fleet has over 300 units of modern and safe equipment.

Why renting lifts is beneficial for you?

  • You take the necessary equipment for a needed period
  • You use tested equipment with a guarantee of safety and compliance with technical standards
  • You don’t spend money on additional staff, registration and annual inspection of machines in supervisory authorities, premises rental for equipment storage
  • You only pay rental fee, but not the full cost of the equipment
  • You get qualified service specialists  

When you rent our lifts we guarantee:

  • All the lifts are in good technical condition
  • Equipment fleet is constantly updated
  • Delivery of the equipment is carried out by specialized transport
  • In case of breakage or malfunction: operational maintenance services or replacement of equipment in the shortest terms  

When you choose a platform, consider these questions:

  • Is vertical lifting enough, or do you also need to reach horizontally?
  • Indoors or outdoors work?
  • Height of the work area?
  • Soil type, presence of concrete floors?
  • What kind of works the lift is used for? (general construction, installation of engineering networks, etc)
  • Conditions of loading and unloading the lifts?
  • What is the weight of the tools used in the work?  

If you have any problems about the choice of equipment, our specialists will give you recommendations on choosing the optimal type of equipment.