Lifting dictionary

This section covers the main terms used in the characteristics of lifting equipment.

Term Definition
Platform height The height of elevated base platform.
Working height The height of conducted works. The working height is generally platform height plus 2 meters.
Horizontal outreach Many scissor lifts are equipped with an extendable sections which are used to increase the size of the working platform. The boom lifts horizontal outreach is achieved through the telescopic boom.
Tilt The maximum slope to elevate platform. Most of diesel powered machines are equipped with outriggers which compensate the slope. The ability to elevate a platform on a slope is shown on the control panel.
Gradeability The ability of the access platform to climb a certain kind of hill. This parameter is given in the lift characteristics and is specified in percentage.
Support width Surface area that is necessary for applying outriggers. It is measured in meters and listed in the catalog.
Indoor / Outdoor tyres Wheels for indoor use are installed on all battery powered lifts. They have non-marking tyres and are used only for flat surfaces. Wheels for outdoor use are installed on diesel powered lifts. Filled with polyurethane, have off-road pattern and large diameter.
Battery powered lift The lift that operates from the battery. In most cases these machines are used indoors. They move on a flat surface. The operating temperature grades: +50 to -15 ° C.
Diesel powered lift The lift with an internal combustion engine that works on diesel fuel. Boom and scissor diesel powered lifts are used outdoors. They have a high passability. The lowest operation temperature: - 15 °C.
Scissor lift The lift with scissor lifting mechanism. Elevates only up. Load capacity ranges from 300 to 700 kg. 1 meter of horizontal outreach from one or two sides, depending on the model.
Trailer lift The boom lift on the base of the trailer. It has two versions of the boom - straight boom and articulating boom. The working height ranges from 15 to 26 meters. Source of power - 230 V. Due to the low machine weight the lift is indispensable in the low bearing capacity of soil.
Telescopic boom lift The lift with a telescopic boom. There are diesel, battery and electric-powered units. They may be self-propelled or trailer, with straight or articulating boom.