Trailer lifts

The main advantage of trailer lifts is big lifting height of the working platform in combination with low weight of the machine itself. They can be towed by a car.

Trailer lifts are used for both indoor and outdoor works. These types of lifts can be moved by one person due to the hydraulic drive. Trailer lifts are used to carry out finishing works, assembling, electrical works, equipment and communications maintenance at height, including outdoor advertising, fire protection systems, alarms  etc, also widely used in cottage construction. Due to the low machine weight, maneuverability and control capabilities directly from the basket, trailer lifts exceeds the capabilities of conventional aerial work platform trucks.

As a power source trailer lifts use single-phase electricity grid (230 V)  and/or diesel engine. They provide working heights up to 26 meters.

Trailer lifts

Model Lifting height Platform size Weight Platform load Brochure
Dino 150T Brochure
Dino 180T Brochure
Dino 210XT Brochure
Dino 260XTD Brochure

Technical specifications (size, weight, etc.) may vary depending on the year of manufacture and modification! Please, specify this information when ordering the equipment!